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We only deliver products to MELBOURNE METRO. If you do not live in this region please do not purchase products from our online store. All items are sent by courier.

Shipping prices:
Pool Chemicals $15
Spa Chemicals $15
Pool Cleaners $50

Shipping prices will be included on the final payment page. For any questions, please call our office.

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PQ Spa pH & Alkalinity IncreaserSMH Multistage Pumps 350

Purex Calcium Kill
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Purex Calcium Kill

Price per Unit (piece): $29.59

Magnesium Sulphate. Use in inground and aboveground pools. Helps prevent leeching and corrosion of pool walls and surfaces. Lowers calcium levels in pool water, hence increasing Salt Cell life and efficiency. Use when calcium levels are high, also use when noticing rapid and hard calcium build up on electrode. Mix with water in bucket and distribute evenly around pool with filter running. Refer to label for dosage.